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Hong Kong is a tiny yet crowded place, planning your travel route in Hong Kong can be confusing if you are not familiar with the city. Sometimes you might want to travel to somewhere not on your itinerary, which is not uncommon when in Hong Kong. This is where this “Hong Kong eTransport” by Transport Department come in handy. It is a very straight forward App which allows you to search for transport options.

It provides a one-stop service of point to point public transport route enquiry for pre-trip planning. The public transport services include Mass Transit Railway, Light Rail Transit, Franchised Bus, Green Minibus, Ferry, Tram and Peak Tram, Cross Boundary Coach to Huanggang, Bus to Ma Wan and Discovery Bay.


Route Search

When you first entered the App you’ll see a search box and a map. Simply input your origin (your starting point) then the app will prompt you for destination. You can also use your GPS location by clicking “Current location” at bottom left. Click Search to get results. Suggestions will be shown when you are inputing your locations.

Hong Kong eTransport1 Hong Kong eTransport2


Search Results

The App will gives you most (if not all) travel routes base on your input, the expected travel time, cost will be displayed and can be sorted. You can click on any rows to get the specific route details.

Hong Kong eTransport3 Hong Kong eTransport4

The detail page doesn’t only tell you the name of your get on and off point, you can click on them it will show their position on map as well as your destination. It would help you to figure your way to get on point, and from get off point to your destination.

Hong Kong eTransport5 Hong Kong eTransport6


The App has a link to the transport service provider, which is not so useful. The App also provide a Category function to help you to find destinations, but unless you don’t know or forgot where are you going, it is completely useless since it is much faster to use the search box…

Hong Kong eTransport7

Other function like live traffic camera is not needed by tourist and we’ll not discuss here.

All in all, it is a very helpful App for tourist to find public transport easily and it’s from the Government hence accuracy is not an issue. We highly recommend it to visitors.

This “App” is available on web, iPhone and Android, internet connection is required for using this App. If you want to get to the Internet in Hong Kong click here.


Web version: Click here

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