Mainland Chinese tourist beaten to death over “shopping affairs”


Mainland Chinese tourist beaten to death

Mia0 Chun Qi, 54,  a Chinese tourist was beaten to death after “shopping affairs” at DZ Jewellery located at Hung Hom. Miao joined a low cost shopping tour to Hong Kong. Police said he was attempting to mediate in the dispute between the tour leader and a fellow tourist over “shopping affairs”, while the tour leader was being slapped. 4 men saw the dispute and dragged Miao out of the jewelry shop and beat him to a point of coma. He was then sent to hospital and later certified death. 4 was under arrested including 2 tour leaders, a tour guide and the tourist, and 2 other men are wanted.

Chinese authorities unusually publicly urged Hong Kong to have a fully investigation of the incident and protect the rights of mainland tourists. The death also spurred calls in China for a boycott of travel to Hong Kong.

Mainland Chinese tourist have been complaining about Forced-shopping in Hong Kong. The Travel Industrial Council of Hong Kong reminded tourist to avoid deeply discounted group tours, which is usually pressure tourist to purchase merchandise at selected should that pay them commission in order to recoup their costs.

Mainland Chinese travelers have been the major driving force for Hong Kong’s tourist industry in recent years, but the explosive growth has caused great tensions between them and the locals. Hong Kong residents blame them for driving up prices, bad behavior such as blocking sidewalks with oversized suitcases, smoking in non-smoking area, etc.


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