No more Taxi fare scam with Taxi Fare Calculator


No more Taxi fare scam with Taxi Fare Calculator

Taxi scam is everywhere and Hong Kong is no exception. Taking advantage of tourists’ unfamiliarity with the city it is very easy to become a victim of taxi fare scam.

To avoid taxi fare scam in Hong Kong is simple using taxi fare calculator. Unfortunately there aren’t any good app to use with (either inaccurate or difficult to use). At last, we found a website, providing accurate taxi fare calculation.This website is Road Road Guide, although it is in Chinese, with Google Translate you can use it with ease. If you are not sure how to use Google Translate on webpage click here.


Searching for Fare


road road guide search

To find taxi fare simply select your type of taxi (if you are not sure click here), input your “Starting Point” and “Destination” then click “Search Button”

You can choose the tunnel you passing/passed through to reflect toll fee to your total cost, if you are not sure you can leave it but the total cost will not include toll fees. If you want to know more about toll fee click here.


Search Results

road road guide

The screenshot above is an example of fare calculation result. It shows the distance, time required and the expected fare. Note that if you haven’t check any tunnel option toll fee will not be included. Hong Kong Taxi charges for waiting time, and it is also excluded. You can read a more comprehensive Hong Kong Taxi fare structure here.

Depending on actual road situation and the route the driver takes, there will be variance, anything in between +/- HK$15 is acceptable if there is no traffic congestion.

If you think you might have fall into taxi fare scam, click here for more information on what you can do.


Pros: Easy to use, quite accurate

Cons: Only in Chinese, no mobile version hence it’d be a little hard to use on mobile

URL: Road Road Guide


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