What is the best time to visit Hong Kong throughout the year?



Hong Kong is tourist friendly year round, the best time visiting Hong Kong may be differ depending on what you want to see, and also depending on where are you coming from.

In generally the best time to visit Hong Kong starts from mid-September to mid-December where the weather is less hot and less humid and clearer sky. Due to global climate change, however, the weather has became unstable in 2015, it was quite hot in October and there are still rainy days in December.

You can expect clear sky from January to March, but the weather is relatively cold and the temperature can go below 10ºC. Meaning if you probably don’t want a boat trip.

If you intended to join some seasonal activities (e.g. water sports, dolphin watch, etc) you have to check the best time to join.

April to September are humid and hot, it’s excellent for water sports if the weather permits. It has more rain and sometimes storm. Typhoon is another concern when visiting Hong Kong in summer time, although there were only a few typhoons hit Hong Kong in recent years. Check out our weather guide to learn more.

The hotel room rates in Hong Kong are heavily affected by mainland Chinese – the largest group of tourist in Hong Kong. Avoid Chinese New Year (some restaurants and shop may close), the first week of May and October where hundred thousands of mainland Chinese comes to Hong Kong. Besides, the room rate during holidays like Christmas will be higher as well. Another way to save cost is look for Airline and Hotel offers in Hong Kong, which you can find them on triptohongkong as well.



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