Unlicensed car-hire driver arrested for robbery, without permit and insurance



Hong Kong Police arrested a 67 year-old unlicensed car-hailing driver yesterday for using a car for hire without a permit, driving without suitable insurance and robbed a 39 year-old tourist, according to the police statement.

The driver surnamed Tong, meet his victim at the ariport on 16 Nov 2015, offering her a ride to her hotel Holiday Inn Golden Mile Hotel at Tsim Sha Tsui fromfor HK$300. When his victim get into his car, he changed the price to HK$2,880. (You only need to spend around HK$200 if you take a taxi and around $300 using UberBLACK)

The victim whom didn’t read triptohongkong.com agreed to deal since she has no idea on the cost and scared. Yet she doesn’t have enough Hong Kong dollar to pay. The driver drove her to a money changer.

When the car arrived at somewhere close to the hotel the driver asked for another HK$700, victim refused and he locked the car door, threaten the victim and took US$100 from her. She was so scared upon arriving at her hotel, luckily she told her story to the Hotel reception and they convinced and helped her to call the police.

Last night, police found the suspect at the airport area and arrested him. A self-made pricing table has been found and the police believe Tong uses it to cheat tourist. The police also warned passengers might not be insured while using unlicensed car-hailing service in case of accident. Well…at least he is not a uber driver…right…?

If you are not taking other public transports to town, we recommend you to take a taxi. Hong Kong Taxi is actually considered cheap when comparing to many other major cities in the world, we have written a post to help you calculate taxi fare in Hong Kong. If you really prefer a luxury car we suggest you go for uber but it may not be easy to get one from the Airport to town.

Always remember to call the police if you fall into scam, they are not corrupted and can be trusted.

Click here if you want to know the means of transportation from airport to town and here if you want to find out more about taking a taxi in Hong Kong.



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