Food Trucks starts running in Hong Kong next year



Food truck is quite popular in many cities not new, but it is not what you can find easily in Hong Kong, this might change in the next couple of years.

The Hong Kong Government has a two-year plan to pair two trucks (12 trucks in total) at 6 tourist locations by end of 2016, they are

  • Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai;
  • Art Square in Tsim Sha Tsui;
  • Salisbury Garden in Tsim Sha Tsui;
  • Central Harbourfront;
  • outside Ocean Park
  • outside Hong Kong Disneyland

The trucks will be rotated every two to three months, applicants has to attend a selection panel for screening, cuisine creativity, truck design and business plans are major selection criterions. The Government also suggested that it is not a competition of financial clout hence big players won’t necessarily win.

If successful, the plan will be expand in future and you will probably see food truck everywhere. Still, what these trucks offers is vital for the success. Follow our social networks to get latest Hong Kong news for tourist.

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