You may want to buy a smartphone on your next Hong Kong Trip



Hong Kong wasn’t known for shopping paradise for no reason, literally free tax on most of the goods, electronics was one of visitors favourite as it is being sold in a very cheap price when comparing to it’s neighborhood as well as in western country. However all businessmen are evil, when more visitors (especially those from China) come to shop, the shop rental raised dramatically and hence the product price. Recently, due to Hong Kong’s rising dollar less tourist come to shop, a downtrend is expected. But why smartphone?

Last week, a new competition ordinance has been imposed, retailers no longer need to abide by instructions from their suppliers “Suggested Listed Price”, larger retailers in Hong Kong started (e.g. Boardway and Fortress) to lower the price of some of their smartphones by HK$1,000 (~US$128), most of the latest branded smartphones has offer and even iPhone get a few hundred Hong Kong dollars cheaper.

Since most smartphone being sold in Hong Kong can be used worldwide (i.e. no locks) hence it is expected more tourist will buy smartphone from Hong Kong.

Remember to go to larger retailers, as smaller retailers doesn’t really have the power to lower much price. According to a research done by a local newspaper, there are quite a number of smartphone models being sold at a cheaper price than in smaller stores.

Good hunting.


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