5 Must Try Hong Kong Food in Winter



When winter comes, it is best to warm yourself with food, even better if you know what to look for. Here are five local foods that you absolutely must-try if you are visiting Hong Kong in Winter.


1. Claypot Rice


Rice and ingredients are cooked in a traditional charcoal claypot for 20-3o minutes, it is less common due to the difficulty in controlling the heat. Rice can be cooked with chicken, pork, fish, cured meat, etc. It is a popular in winter as the heated claypot keep the dish warm.


2. Hot Pot


Hot pot (also known as steamboat), refers to a East Asian style stew, consisting of a simmering metal pot of stock at the center of the dining table. While the hot pot is kept simmering, ingredients are placed into the pot and are cooked at the table. Typical hot pot dishes include thinly sliced meat, fish, leaf vegetables, mushrooms, wontons, egg dumplings, and seafood and eat with a dipping sauce.


3. Snake Soup

Snake Soup

Yes! Snake! It is a popular dish in winter time as it can warm you up, it contains the meats of at least two types of snakes as the main ingredients. The soup tastes slightly sweet because of the addition of chrysanthemum leaves and spices, while the snake meat in the soup is said to resemble the texture and taste of chicken meat. It is often being served together with Chinese sticky rice.


4. Roasted Sweet Potato & Chestnuts

Roasted Sweet Potato & Chestnuts

These two always being sold together by mobile hawkers, it’s a matter of luck whether you have a chance to taste them. It is more likely to see them in winter time. Sweet Potato are roasted in whole and Chestnuts are roasted slowly in a cauldron of hot cinders, both served without any sauces. Some hawkers offer both yellow and purple potato while some others may have tiny spotted eggs. Beware of the heat when eat.


5. Chinese Lamb Stew

Chinese Lamb Stew

Served in a traditional claypot, lamb stew is a very popular dish during winter. Tender lamb belly are pan-friend then mixed into stew, not too fat. It is best to be serve with vegetables and rice.

Remember to try these on your next winter trip to Hong Kong!


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