Hong Kong recorded coldest day in 6 decades, but did it snow? (video)


hong kong snow

A Singaporean friend of mine visited Hong Kong last December when it was about 15ºC and he was freezing, I wonder if he can survive if the coldest day in six decades and the third lowest ever in Hong Kong. The average temperature yesterday in urban area was about 3ºC with rain, and was sub-zero in area at higher elevations. But did it snow?

There were reports of freezing rain and rain with small ice pellets, the video below, provided by an local internet user, captured snowfall in Hung Shui Kiu.

If you look at the video, we tried to slow down the video to let you have a closer look at the “snow”. From the video you probably can tell those snow like thing is probably too large to be snow. According to Hong Kong Observatory, it was about 6ºC – 7ºC at the time the video was captured, it was too warm for snow.

Snow was detected once by the Hong Kong Observatory in Hong Kong on 2 February 1967 at Cape Collinson. Others report of snow are not being detected.

Will Hong Kong snow again? Only god knows.


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