Taste the old Hong Kong with the TramOramic Tour


TramOramic Tour

With over 11o years history, Tram is one of the most important icon in Hong Kong and it is one of the “must do” in Hong Kong. This year, the Hong Kong Tramways is offering an unique tram experience with the first-ever sightseeing tramcar, the TramOramic Tour.

Staring from 24 Jan 2016, a 1920’s style double decker with an open top upper deck, a vintage cabin lower deck, and a heritage corner showcasing Hong Kong’s old pictures, videos and genuine tram souvenirs will be running 3 times (6 tours in total) a day between Western Market Terminus and Causeway Bay Terminus.

During the 1 hour audio guided (8 languages available) journey you’ll encounter bustling streets, skyscrapers and historical attractions, and learn their parts in Hong Kong history.

With the tour ticket you are also eligible for a 2-day unrestricted access to regular tram service.

There will be 6 TramOramic Tours (1 hour) per day

Terminus Departure Times
Western Market Terminus 10:30am、2:30pm、6:30pm
Causeway Bay Terminus 11:40am、3:45pm、7:55pm

The cost of the TramOramic Tour is HK$95/adult and HK$65/child, free for children 4 year old.

Tickets are now available for online booking here

Things to Consider

It is indeed an amazing experience to go bak in time and ride on the 1920’s style open top tram, however, if you are not a fan of time travel you can go for the regular tram rides. There is no major different between the route of TramOranic Tour and regular tram (well…it needs tracks…), more importantly it is extremely expensive when you compare it’s cost with a regular tram ride which is HK$2.3/adult.

The 2 days unlimited tram rides isn’t important for 2 reasons

  • the cost of tram rides is extremely cheap
  • trams operates only at the northern part of Hong Kong Island, and are much slower than MTR, trust me, you won’t take tram often.

Tram may be a “must do” in Hong Kong but whether to take the TramOranic Tour is really up to you.


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