When Traditional Wisdom Doesn’t Work…(Weather)



Today is another rainy day, we got a clear sky on the night of New Year Eva, after that it has been mostly cloudy. Hong Kong has rain almost every month, but not like this. 

The Hong Kong Observatory recorded 5.9mm rainfall since 1st Jan 2016, humidity is as high as over 95% and highest temperature around 23ºC. If you have read our article about the weather in Hong Kong, you probably think our information is totally wrong. Even worse, the cloudy sky and humidity has been covering Hong Kong for more than a month and this could ruin many tourist’s plan in Hong Kong

In 2015 which was 0 mm during the same period in past decade, weather was dry and cool (if not cold), except 2007 & 2010 where El Niño was strong. This year they say El Niño is the strongest…this probably the main reason behind…

This is a serious warning from the earth, but before saving the world, we probably should write an article about where to visit during cloudy days…


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