Uber HK$50 OFF Promo Code (by Sep 9 2016)



From September 5 to 9, you can enjoy a free ride up to HK$50 from 11:00 to 15:00 every day with the daily promo codes, click to get your codes!

Although Uber has halt Uber Taxi services in Hong Kong, Uber X, Uber Black and 7-seaters still available. With the HK$50 promo codes you can save a lot with your rides.

Sept 5 (Monday): RIDEMONHK
Sept 6 (Tuesday): RIDETUEHK
Sept 7 (Wednesday): RIDEWEDHK
Sept 8 (Thursday): RIDETHURHK
Sept 9 (Friday): RIDEFRIHK

These promo codes are for both new and existing riders.



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