Why the New Uber China app is nightmare for foreigners? (Hong Kong is not affected)


If you are planning to visit China, well, you probably can’t use Uber anymore. Because of the acquisition of Uber China by Didi Chuxing (Uber’s former competitor), the new Uber China app (develop by Didi) has been published on 27th Nov. And this could be a nightmare for foreigners. 


Despite the new Uber China app looks pretty much the same as the previous version, it is not separated from the Uber global app, it means that even if you have Uber app installed you will not be able to use it in China.

How about downloading the new Uber China app? Well, you can do so, but in order to create an account, you need

  1. A Chinese mobile phone number
  2. Valid Chinese payment method, such as Union Pay, Alibaba’s Alipay digital wallet or Baidu Wallet

While getting a Chinese mobile phone number is easy, getting Chinese payment method basically means you need to have a bank account in China…

“We apologize to our users for any inconvenience may be caused by this transition. The Uber China team has been working hard to make the new version faster-responding and more user friendly,” Uber China/Didi said in a statement. Didi also mentioned it will introduce “multilingual, international features” in the future. But this “international features” doesn’t include supporting overseas banks/credit cards…


Good news is, if you are looking at this website you probably are planning to visit Hong Kong. Despite being part of China, Hong Kong Uber isn’t affected by the change, one country two apps systems after all.


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