8 Food Truck to launch after Lunar New Year and it could be a tourist scam.


The Hong Kong Tourism Board announced the Food Truck Pilot Scheme earlier, 8 food truck will start servicing tourist starting from 2 Feb 2017. However, it could become a tourist scam. Read more to find out why.

The Food Truck Pilot Scheme, according to the Tourism Commission website, is a tourism initiative which aims to enhance the appeal of Hong Kong’s tourist attractions and provide diverse, creative and high quality food offers to tourists and the public, as well as showcasing the good standard of food hygiene and safety in Hong Kong.

The Pilot Scheme is expected to commence in late 2016 / early 2017 and will last for 2 years. Under the Scheme, food trucks will be operating in eight designated tourist attractions, namely: the Golden Bauhinia Square in Wan Chai, the Central Harbourfront Event Space, Ocean Park (area outside the theme park), Tsim Sha Tsui Salisbury Garden, Tsim Sha Tsui Art Square, the Energizing Kowloon East Venue 1, the Wong Tai Sin Square next to Wong Tai Sin Temple and the Hong Kong Disneyland (area outside the theme park). Each tourist attraction will provide two parking spaces for operation of a total of 16 food trucks on a rotation basis at these locations. The Tourism Commission will also line up food trucks to provide services at designated large scale tourism events to enhance the attractiveness of the events.

The full list of 16 signature dishes can be found here. When travelling you probably want to try local dishes, however, most signature dishes are so “creative” that they either have nothing to do with “tradition” or even not “local”. Here are some examples

Victoria Peak, BBQ pork Cru-batta-wich, is basically a pork sandwich, US style; The Notorious P.I.G. is just another pork hambuger; Sakura Shrimp Umami Sauce fried rice sounds ordinary dish in a Japanese restaurant.

If you have read the list of signature dishes you may think, “you are so mean, isn’t that egg puff  and pineapple bun very Hong Kong?”, and you are correct, except they are selling you at 2-3 times more than what you can get at a local restaurant. Not to mention the quality of food is also in doubt….

The creativity also ruins the traditional food, whatever you can get from those food trucks is hardly local. It is okay if you don’t mind paying more than what you have to, or if you treat it as a unique experience…


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