Hong Kong Disneyland raised ticket prices after financial lost in 2016


Hong Kong Disneyland will raise its one-day adult admission price by 9.3 per cent from Friday amid financial losses last year and ­proposed projects to fend off fierce regional competition.

The one-day adult admission fee will rise to HK$589, while a child ticket will cost HK$419 – an 8.8 per cent rise.

This marks the fourth consecutive year of price rises at the park, an accumulated 48 per cent jump from 2013, when it charged HK$399 for adults.

But Hong Kong residents will be allowed to buy one-day tickets and annual passes at the previous rates within the next three months. Existing annual pass holders will be offered a 20 per cent discount if they renew.

“We’ve continued to add new experiences and new reasons to visit Hong Kong Disneyland, ­including the exciting new Iron Man Experience that will open to our guests next month,” the park said in a statement.

Tourism sector lawmaker Yiu Si-wing feared the price rise would further discourage mainland ­visitors, especially those from Guangdong province, from travelling to Hong Kong, despite the new attractions.

“The move is a little bit risky for Hong Kong Disneyland at a time when Shanghai has just opened a new one,” Yiu said.

The price adjustment means the city’s theme park is the most expensive among the Disneyland theme parks in the region, even though it is the smallest.

The Lantau park’s fee rise makes it 42 per cent more expensive than the newly opened Shanghai park on non-public holidays and 5.6 per cent more on public holidays. It is also 21.2 per cent higher than Tokyo.

“The price increase seems a lot,” Dr Markus Schuckert, assistant professor at Polytechnic University’s school of hotel and tourism management said, adding the stronger Hong Kong dollar, which is pegged with the US dollar, had already made the city an expensive place to visit for mainland tourists.

“Tourism is not booming. Is it really necessary to do it right now?”

Rival Ocean Park last week also announced a 13.8 per cent rise in ­admission fees – to HK$438 for adults and HK$219 for children– from January 1.

Disneyland Hong Kong is ­currently seeking approval from the city’s Legislative Council for a HK$5.8 billion cash injection to be used for its six-year HK$10.9 ­billion expansion project, which will feature zones based on the blockbuster Frozen and Marvel superhero films, and the transformation of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

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