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Hong Kong is literally the Food Heaven, with 0ver 12,000 restaurants in this tiny city, serving countless flavours from local to international cuisine, you will find something suits you no matter what are you looking for. We hope we can enhance your dining experience in Hong Kong.


Where to Dine

michelin star Michelin Guide If you have no idea where to dine in Hong Kong,the easiest way could be following the Michelin Guide,the Michelin Guide 2016 added street food category as well
Tea House Tea House Tea House serves Hong Kong dish,no fancy food but is the place local dines everyday,you can find this kind of restaurants literally everywhere. Do not confuse with Chinese Tea Restaurants,you can find no Dim Sum here.
Tea Cafe Bing Sutt Traditional local cafe since WWII,predecessor of Tea House,serve mainly drinks,bread and simple dish,not so easy to find nowadays but if you like culture,you gonna like it.
Cooked Food Stalls Cooked Food Stalls Usually open-air,lack of air conditioning,most dish are cook by wok and comparatively cheap. It is another Hong Kong culture,however,it is even harder to find nowadays,according to Government data there only less than 30 left.
Dim Sum Restaurant Chinese Restaurants Where you can find Dim Sum,avoid peak hours or you should make reservation in advance if possible.
Pig Intestines Street Food Real taste of Hong Kong,don't you think? Continue reading to see the variety of food you can find
Fine-Dining Fine Dining Restaurants There are many good restaurants (Fine dining or not) in Hong Kong,just remember booking in advance is highly recommended.
cafe de coral Fast Food Stalls Similar but generally more comfortable than Tea House yet run by large corp,serve mainly local food.


What to Eat


Where to Drink (Wine)

Wine in Hong Kong are relatively cheap since there is no tax imposed on most of the wine (except Liquor with an alcoholic strength of more than 30% by volume measured at a temperature of 20℃).

Lan Kwai Fong Bar The most popular places include Lan Kwai Fong,Soho (at Central) and Knutsford Terrace (at Tsim Sha Tsui)
Watsons_Wine Wine Store There are many wine stores in Hong Kong and are not hard to find in tourist area. These wine store sell vintage (no Beer) which is best for wine lovers.
PARKnSHOP Supermarket Ordinary Red Wine、White Wine、Beer are available,and are usually cheap
Convenience Store Beer available,generally more expensive than in Supermarkets,but most of them operate 24×7


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