Hong Kong Weather



Hong Kong has a humid sub-tropical climate with distinct seasons. Table below describes the average weather and climate status in Hong Kong through the year. If you want latest Hong Kong weather information you can visit the website of Hong Kong Observatory.


Overview of Hong Kong Weather

Hong Kong Weather throughout the year
Month Season Avg.Temperature Avg.Humidity Description
Mar-May Spring 17°C-26°C 60%-88% Very humid season and light rain is often which makes you feel colder than it actually is,weather still cool during the season
Jun-Aug Summer 26°C-31°C 59%-89% its hottest season where average daily high temperature is above 30°C,probability of precipitation is also high and occasionally thunderstorms.High humidity makes you feel even hotter,perfect time to beach
Sep-Nov Autumn 19°C-28°C 48%-58% temperature drops slowly starting from mid-Sep,usually somewhere after Mid-Autumn Festival,air starts to become drier and cooler,this season is also the season where many people get a cold
Dec-Feb Winter 12°C-21°C 47%-58% cold and dry,occasional temperature can drop below 10°C and is a great time to try hot-pot.


Hong Kong Weather - Temperature

Hong Kong Weather - Humidity

Hong Kong Weather - Rain

(Images taken from weatherspark.com)


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