Leaving Hong Kong


Farewell, we hope you enjoy visiting Hong Kong and will come back again to our website soon. Let us to walk you through your way to the Airport.


Transportation to the Airport

If you have read our On Arrival section you probably already know your choice to the Airport, here we look at them from a departure perspective. Hong Kong Airport has Terminal 1 & 2, it should be indicated on your air ticket itinerary. Most transports will stop at the entrance of Departure Hall for both terminals.

Transport Operating Hours (Frequency) One Way Cost Comments
Airport Express (Railway) 05:54am-12:48am (every 10mins) Adult-HK$100/Child-HK$50 from Hong Kong Station;Adult-HK$90/Child-HK$45 from Kowloon Station;return ticket is cheaper good for small group,comparatively fast (22mins from Kowloon station; 24mins from Hong Kong station) with in-train WiFi. Even better there is in-town check-in service and free shuttle service from major hotels,click here for more details about Airport Express and here for the list of hotels it's free shuttle stops
Hotel Coaches 5:35am-21:35pm (every 1 hour) Hong Kong Island-HK$140/person; Kowloon Area-HK$130/person this option is very expensive yet not necessarily faster,you can find the list of hotels it stops and time table here,you can buy ticket at service counter,no need to reserve in advance
Taxi 24hrs Hong Kong Island- ~HK$300; Kowloon- ~HK$250; New Territories- ~HK$300+ You can find the approximate cost from the Airport to various destination here. It is easy to get a discounted taxi to the Airport. If you are taking taxi in Hong Kong then we recommend you to click here to understand how the taxi system works in Hong Kong
Bus 5:30am-00:00am in general from HK$10-HK$48 depends on destination cheapest way to Airport though is not as fast as other ways,several overnight routes are also available,you can find your boarding bus stop and route no. easily with Hong Kong eTransport App (Free) developed by the Hong Kong Transport Department. In general,"A" routes are faster than "E" routes. There are 2 operators,Long Win & Citybus,you can enquire Long Win's routes here and find out which route Citybus stops by your hotel here
Private Cars/Limo 24hrs Starting HK$500+ while it is illegal for private cards to carry passengers (with charge),some companies are able to get permit from the Government but they are expensive,it could be cheaper for you to arrange pick up with your hotel
Uber 24hrs Depends on where you get on,more expensive than taxi Yes! Uber is illegal but it IS available in Hong Kong



Many airlines provide online check-in service, it is likely to save your time at the airport.

If you are taking Airport Express to the Airport, you can check in (including your baggages) at Hong Kong Station or Kowloon Station, you can find the list of airlines provide in-town check-in here, convenience right? Otherwise you will have to check-in at the Airport check-in counters.

The Hong Kong International Airport has Terminal 1 and 2, with aisle A – K at Terminal 1 and Q, P, N at Terminal 2. Terminal 2 is small and is usually used by short-haul flights and budgeted airlines, you can which aisle your airline counter resides here.



Details of the terminal and check-in aisle your flight will use are shown on large format displays or TV monitors around the airport.

Self check-in with check-in kiosks in Terminal 1 is also possible for some airlines, simply follow below steps for self check-in.

  1. Scan passport details or enter e-ticket number to retrieve flight information
  2. Select seat and print boarding pass
  3. Proceed to the assigned Bag Drop Counter for baggage check-in

After check-in you can proceed to immigration.


Immigration and Customs


If you are at Terminal 1, the entrance of Immigration is on both end of the Departure Hall (i.e. check-in area). If you are at Terminal 2, you need to follow the sign and take escalator down then you will find the Immigration and Customs area.

You have to have your boarding pass, travel document and arrival card (if applicable) ready for inspection at the Immigration Hall. Make sure you don’t pack any “restricted articles” in your hand baggage or carry it on person, click here for the list of restricted articles.

Dangerous goods, such as flammable liquids, corrosives substances, gas cylinders, are not allowed on board, either as checked or hand baggage. Click here for the list of dangerous goods, you can also ask your airline for details. Liquids, aerosols and gels exceeding 100ml each are not allowed to be packed in hand baggages or carry it on person.

Hong Kong has minimal restriction on the item while you are leaving Hong Kong, there is no restriction on how much money you carry aboard, nor the of items you purchased in Hong Kong. However, there are a list of items you can’t bring or you will break the law which includes animals (your dog doesn’t count), drugs, explosives, etc, click here for the full list. Note that you cannot carry more than 1.8KG powdered formula (i.e. baby milk) while leaving Hong Kong, this was imposed to restrict the powdered formula smuggling activities.

After immigration and customs you are inside the restricted area of the airport and you can head to your flight.


Internet at the Airport (Restricted Area)

Free WiFi is available at most public area in the passenger terminals at Hong Kong International Airport, the signal is usually good with decent speed. No registration is required, follow simple step below and you’ll able to connect

  • Disable data service (eg. GPRS or 3G) to avoid roaming service fee
  • Select “#HKAirport Free WiFi” as your connection network (SSID)
  • Launch the internet browser and enter any valid website address
  • Click “Accept & Continue” after reading all terms and conditions
  • Enjoy the free Wi-Fi service
  • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network after use

There are also Internet points (kiosk with computer or laptop for public use) as well.



Drinking Water

water machine

While liquid is no longer allowed on flight, you may get thirsty. There are a lot of drinking water machine at the Airport restricted area, however you will need a bottle or cup to do so.


Restaurants (Departure Hall & Restricted Area)

There are quite a number of restaurants in the Airport, both before and after you enter restricted area. You can find all kind of food from fast food stores to western restaurants. They are usually more expansive than in town (except for McDonald’s…). There also more choice in the restricted area than the departure hall. You can find the full list of restaurants here.


Shops (Arrival Hall & Restricted Area)

You can find many branded shops in the restricted area of the Airport and of course duty free. You can also buy some snacks or drinks from the convenience stores. Items bought from these stores, including drinks can be bought on flight. You can find the full list of shops here.


Other Matters

Smoking Area

Smoking is prohibited with in the Airport except inside smoking lounge.




There are various playground for children inside the airport and is free to play.



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