On Arrival


After Landing

Welcome! You have landed Hong Kong International Airport. If your flight lands at Terminal 2 you’ll need to take the Automated People Mover to Terminal 1 arrival hall. Then you just need to follow the “Immigration” signs to find your way. Hong Kong International Airport is one of the largest Airport in the world, depending on your arrival gate you’ll need to walk for while, maybe 10 minutes or so.


Before passing Immigration there are a few duty free store. Hong Kong is a free port and does not levy any Custom tariff on imports and exports hence you have nothing to worry about tax, except for Liquor, Tobacco, Hydrocarbon Oil and Methyl Alcohol, restrictions for the first two item as below

  • Liquor – Aged 18 or above can bring 1 litre of alcoholic liquor with an alcoholic strength above 30% by volume measured at a temperature of 20°C for own use without any duty
  • Tobacco – Aged 19 or above can bring 19 cigarettes or 1 cigar or 25 grams of cigars or 25 grams of other manufactured tobacco
  • Ther are no duty-free concessions for dutiable goods for trade, business or commercial purpose, you need to use the Red Channel and declare to the Hong Kong Customs



When you get to the Immigration look for the line for foreigners. Most visitors need to fill in arrival card which can be obtained from flight attendants. If you are frequent visitors from you may be eligible to enrol for Regional Travel Pass to speed up your immigration process. Holders of Regional Travel Pass can further enrol for the e-Channel service, click here for more information.


Your passport must be valid at least one month after the period. Nationals of most countries are allowed to enter Hong Kong for tourism from 7 days to 180 days. You can check the Visa free period here. If you are still unsure, you can check with Hong Kong Immigration Department.

In most cases the line would not be very long and you’ll be able to pass through Immigration in a few minutes.


Baggage Reclaim

After Immigration you’ll arrive at baggage reclaim hall, you’ll be able to find your baggage belt through the the overhead monitor right in front of the Immigration Exit. Go to the baggage belt and wait for your baggage.


In most cases you’ll arrive baggage reclaim hall earlier than your baggage. During peak hours several flights may share same belt and it may take 15-20 minutes.


Customs and Excise

After getting your baggage you are almost there! There are 2 exits on each side of the baggage reclaim hall, and both have a Custom and Excise control, use the green channel if you do not have any item to declare, otherwise use the red channel. You can find declaration guidelines here. After that…Welcome! You have officially entered Hong Kong!


Transport to City

Unless someone is going to pick you up, there are several ways you can go to city area, you can find most of them at the Arrival Hall Exit (in the middle of Arrival Hall). Children under 3 years old might be eligible for a free ride so do not hesitate to ask.

Transport Operating Hours (Frequency) One Way Cost Location Comments
Airport Express (Railway) 05:54am-12:48am (every 10mins) Adult-HK$100/Child-HK$50 to Hong Kong Station;Adult-HK$90/Child-HK$45 to Kowloon Station;return ticket is cheaper Right in front of Arrival Hall Exit good for small group,comparatively fast (22mins to Kowloon station; 24mins to Hong Kong station) with in-train WiFi. Even better there is free shuttle service to major hotels,click here for more details about Airport Express and here for the list of hotels it's free shuttle stops
Hotel Coaches 7:00am-11:00pm (every 15-30mins) Hong Kong Island-HK$140/person; Kowloon Area-HK$130/person Head to Arrival Hall B at Terminal 1,take escalator or lift down and find service counter B1 this option is very expensive yet not necessarily faster,you can find the list of hotels it stops and time table here,you can buy ticket at service counter,no need to reserve in advance
Taxi 24hrs Hong Kong Island- ~HK$300; Kowloon- ~HK$250; New Territories- ~HK$300+ Turn left after Arrival Hall Exit long passenger line up is not uncommon,taxi line up is usually longer,so you won't have to wait too long. Beware there are several lines for red (to all area),green (to Northern New Territories only) and blue (Lantau Island only) respectively. You can find the approximate cost from the Airport to various destination here. If you are taking taxi in Hong Kong then we recommend you to click here to understand how the taxi system works in Hong Kong
Bus 5:30am-00:00am in general from HK$10-HK$48 depends on destination Turn right after Arrival Hall Exit,and there is a Floor Plan Board to help you find your route cheapest way to town though is not as fast as other ways,several overnight routes are also available,you need to be sure where you get off if you are going to take a bus and not to expect every bus driver can speak English,good news is you can find your way easily with Hong Kong eTransport App (Free) developed by the Hong Kong Transport Department. In general,"A" routes are faster than "E" routes. There are 2 operators,Long Win & Citybus,you can enquire Long Win's routes here and find out which route Citybus stops by your hotel here
Private Cars/Limo 24hrs Starting HK$500+ Depends on arrangement while it is illegal for private cards to carry passengers (with charge),some companies are able to get permit from the Government but they are expensive,it could be cheaper for you to arrange pick up with your hotel
Uber 24hrs Depends on destination,more expensive than taxi Depends on arrangement Yes! Uber is illegal but it IS available in Hong Kong,the only problem with using Uber at the airport is your chance of getting a car is low,it is much better if you use it in town


Internet at the Airport

Free WiFi is available at most public area in the passenger terminals atHong Kong International Airport, the signal is usually good with decent speed. No registration is required, follow simple step below and you’ll able to connect

  • Disable data service (eg. GPRS or 3G) to avoid roaming service fee
  • Select “#HKAirport Free WiFi” as your connection network (SSID)
  • Launch the internet browser and enter any valid website address
  • Click “Accept & Continue” after reading all terms and conditions
  • Enjoy the free Wi-Fi service
  • Disconnect your device from the Wi-Fi network after use

There are also Internet points (kiosk with computer or laptop for public use) as well. If you are eager to get your own 3G/4G SIM card click here


Got travel questions about Hong Kong International Airport? Contact us and we’ll help you figure out.



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