Light Rail


Light Rail

The MTR Light Rail, also known as the Light Rail Transit (LRT), is a light rail system in Hong Kong, serving the New Territories West, within Tuen Mun District and Yuen Long District. You’ll only have a chance to take it if you are going to the northern part of Hong Kong.


The cost per ride ranges from HK$4.5-HK$6.5, depending on the number of zones you travel. A trip between 2 zones cost HK$4.5, 3 zones HK$5.5, more than 3 zones cost HK$6.5. You can refer to the route map at the bottom of this page to find out how many zones you are going to travel.


There are 2 payment options, using Octopus Card or purchase single trip ticket. If you use Octopus Card you have to place your card on the octopus machine, when you enter LRT platform as well as when you are leaving LRT platform, orange is for entrance and green for exit.

Light Rail-payLight Rail-machine-g

If you are going to purchase single trip ticket you can head to the Light Rail Ticket Machine.

Light Rail-machine

The LRT platform is very open without any gate hence you can board a train without buying ticket, but there will be officer checking ticket frequently. Failure to present a ticket will cost you HK$290.



Unlike MTR where you can travel freely with a single ticket, the ticket you purchased (including using Octopus Card) is only valid for one direction, a separate ticket is required even if you miss your destination and need to head back.

For instance if you are heading to Wetland Park from Tin Shui Wai Station with route 705 but you missed the station and have arrived at Tin Heng, you will then have to exit Tin Heng and reenter the station and take 706 at the opposite with another single ticket, or pay again with Octopus Card.


Light Rail Transit Route Map

Light Rail Route Map
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